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A lot of tumblr users are panicking/curious about the new layout that’s magically graced itself upon select blogs. I thought I’d cap each new posting layout for those who may want to know what Tumblr’s new look…well, looks like.

It’s in the order you’d find your own dashboard. We start with what the dashboard looks like. So unassuming. So normal. Then you decide you want to post about how that one guy reblogged that one post on that one thing you like: (Forgive me for my terms, I’m not a computer whiz so I’ll be calling things thingies and boxes)

  1. TEXT -The overhead bar we normally house our posting buttons (speech balloon shape with all the posting options) in goes in to a fluid animation of expanding, the top post on your dash obeys and slides down to accommodate it, then it gives you the new posting box. Now, the text post is the first so I’ll be showing the other posting option mainstays in this one as well.

    The little cogwheel at the upper right-hand corner of the speech balloon drops down to display your Custom URL, Content source, Post date, and Photo Reply enabling options/boxes.

    Then you have the tagging bar just below your body text area. Same deal, type then enter to input tags, and now just click any tags you want to remove. You’ll get a slash-through once you hover over any tags.
    Your Publish Now, Add to queue, Publish on…, Save as draft, Private and Preview on blog options have been stored in a pop up menu that appears once you click the bottom “Create post” button. (Not shown since I ran out of patience screencapping it all)

  2. PHOTO - Just a simple and wide empty space traced out so it’s obvious that’s what you click. Adding photos is still the same, and their layouting in the post is also the same. Only new thing here is that your speech balloon grows from it’s original size to fit all the photos in.

  3. QUOTE
  4. LINK
  5. CHAT
  6. AUDIO
  7. VIDEO

3-7 are essentially the same. The aesthetics are still recognizable so it’s nothing worth typing, plus it’s almost 1am over here and if I keep explaining things I might say something silly. But that’s basically the new Tumblr look for the month/week/day.

Hope this helped alleviate those who were worried. Personally, the only inconvenience this whole thing really causes is the hassle of reblogging or posting long posts since the original size of your empty speech bubble is considerably small. Other than that I’m not experiencing some of the unfollowing bugs or other glitches other users are going through.

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